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There are two types of tax forms that you will find on LORIS: T2202 and your T4A.

T2202 is your Tuition and Enrolment Certificate, and has all the information you need to submit based on your eligible tuition fees for the calendar year. A T4A slip is issued when a student receives a scholarship, bursary or fellowship for the calendar year.

All tax forms are issued by calendar year. To find your tax forms: 

  1. Log in to LORIS using your Laurier username and password.
  2. Select the Student Services tab. 
  3. Select Canadian Tax Forms.
  4. Select T2202 Tax Credit Form
    This will open up a new tab to your Student Accounts Dashboard
  5. Select T2202 Tax Forms
  6. Select the tax year you would like to print and select Printable T2202 Form (PDF) and click Submit
    Note: If you would only like to view your tax information without printing the official copy, choose View Data and click Submit

Proxy access does not grant access to any tax documents/forms. Only the account holder can access these.

For detailed student tax information, refer to the Student Tax Guide by Canada Revenue Agency and/or consult a professional tax preparer. 

Note: If you are expecting a T4 from Laurier for employment income and you have any questions or concerns, contact Payroll. 

SIN Requirement for Taxes

Beginning with the 2019 tax year, Canada Revenue Agency requires that each student’s SIN is reported on their T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificate, which details your eligible tuition amounts for Canadian tax filing. 

For SIN information entered into LORIS after Feb. 19, 2023, your SIN will not be on your 2022 tax form. If you are requested by CRA for a T2202 tax form with your SIN, contact Service Laurier to request an amended tax form.

Taxes FAQ