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Getting Started

  1. Have your sponsoring agency or external organization initiate the sponsorship process. Once a confirmation of sponsorship letter is received from your sponsoring agency, your account will be flagged to indicate you are a sponsored student in which a portion or all of your fees will be covered by a third party.
  2. As a sponsored student you are required to complete the Sponsored Student Agreement and Consent to Realease Information to Third Pary Form

Student Invoice

You will still receive copies of your invoice for your records. Do not submit your student copy invoice to your sponsoring agency for payment. Any awards or bursaries you have earned for the term will have already been applied to your account and are reflected on your invoice balance. Submitting your student copy invoice may result in your agency paying this balance, thus deducting your earned award from your sponsorship. 

Additional Fees

We make every effort to communicate your fees and current sponsorship status with you. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the fees charged to your account are accurate based on your course registration activity.

All fees not covered by your sponsorship are your responsibility to pay by the invoice due date.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage, including extended health and dental and/or UHIP, is not usually covered by sponsorships. Review your sponsorship details carefully and either opt-out with your proof of alternate coverage or submit payment by the due date.

Sponsorship Process

  1. Agencies that have not previously sponsored a Laurier student are required to submit a Sponsor Agreement and Approval Request Form.
  2. Once approved as a sponsoring agency with Laurier, agencies will be assigned a sponsor Laurier ID number; currently active sponsors will have an existing sponsor Laurier ID number. To confirm your sponsor Laurier ID number, contact Payments are expected to reference, and will be applied to, this sponsor Laurier ID number.
  3. Agencies must submit a Confirmation of Sponsorship Letter and Authorization to Invoice Form for each student they wish to sponsor. Confirmation of sponsorship letters must come directly from the sponsoring agency. Agencies issuing their own confirmation of sponsorship letter must include the following information:
    • student’s full name
    • Laurier ID number
    • duration of sponsorship by term(s) or date(s) (maximum one academic year)
    • what is covered
    • specific exclusions (typically health insurance, books, materials, etc.)
    • billing address
    • contact person’s name, telephone number and email address
  4. Confirmation of sponsorship letters are expected to be received at at least two weeks prior to the term’s first invoice due date. Payments received for students where a confirmation of sponsorship letter is not on file will be returned.
  5. One week prior to the due date, students will receive confirmation that their sponsorship letters have been received. Notification will include a reminder for students to be clear on what their sponsorship covers as they are responsible for any and all fees that are not covered by the sponsorship by the invoice due date.
  6. Processing of sponsorships and invoicing to sponsoring agencies will begin after the last registration date of each term. This is to avoid multiple amended agency invoices that are generated while students still have the ability to register and make course changes. As a result of the later invoicing, sponsored students whose confirmation of sponsorship letters have been received will have any applicable late payment fees adjusted/reversed according to the sponsorship.
  7. Once a sponsorship has been processed to the student account, students will receive a confirmation notification via their MyLaurier account and they can expect to see contract credits applied to their student account to offset their balance. Any fees not covered by the sponsorship will remain on the student financial account for payment by the student. Any fees not covered by the sponsorship and not paid for by the student invoice due date will accrue applicable late fees. Students are responsible for paying their late fees.
  8. Coinciding with this, the agency account will have contract charges applied for each sponsored student equal to the authorized sponsorship.
  9. Sponsoring agencies will receive individual invoices for each sponsored student with a total balance of students’ fees. These invoices will have an itemized breakdown of fees that have been invoiced to the agency. Review Important Invoice Information prior to processing payment.
  10. Payments should reference a sponsor Laurier ID number and have itemized lines for each student that includes each student's Laurier ID number and invoice number. A separate sheet for each sponsored student should be included with payment. Sponsorship payments are to be mailed directly to Laurier using the following address:

ATTN: Student Accounts
Wilfrid Laurier University
75 University Ave. W.
Waterloo, ON
N2L 3C5

Important Invoice Information

Students will receive a student invoice copy in their name that is intended for their reference only. Students are responsible for ensuring that their invoice is accurate based on their course registration and activity.

Sponsors should not accept student copy invoices for payment to the university. Student copy invoices include adjusted balances based on any scholarships and/or bursaries awarded for the term. This amount will be inaccurate and will not match the amount that agencies will be invoiced directly. Payments received for students where a confirmation of sponsorship letter is not on file will be returned.

Credits resulting from dropped courses and adjustments will be refunded back to the sponsoring agency at the end of each term prior to the next sponsorship cycle for the new term.