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Qualtrics is a university-approved, online platform that allows users to create forms and surveys, collect data and complete analysis.

Using Qualtrics, you can:

  • Create surveys using a large library of question types and response options.
  • Use powerful survey flow logic options to tailor your survey.
  • Send customized email invitations to respondents and track their progress.
  • Create custom online reports with tables and graphs that can be exported to Word, PowerPoint or PDF.
  • Use automatically built reports, with the best visualizations selected for each question type.
  • Download data to Excel or SPSS for additional analysis.

All active undergraduate and graduate students have access to Qualtrics at no cost. Note: This subscription is not available to continuing education students or alumni.

Guidelines for Use

Qualtrics can only be used for research, academic or quality assurance purposes and can only be used by current Laurier faculty, students and staff.  Any surveys created by users outside of the university, without the proper approval, will be immediately removed. 

The use of Qualtrics must: 

  • Ensure compliance with related university policies and guidelines. 
  • Ensure copyright and legal compliance.
  • Ensure compliance with the Qualtrics terms of service.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable accessibility requirements.
    • Qualtrics offers a "Check Survey Accessibility​" feature which diagnoses your survey and indicates which questions are inaccessible and gives other recommendations for increased accessibility.

Access Qualtrics

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Laurier Single Sign-On (SSO).

How to Use Qualtrics

Support and training are offered directly through Qualtrics' support website, which has a significant amount of material on functionality.

Get started with the following suggested resources: 

Request Qualtrics Support

The Qualtrics Support Team is only able to provide support assistance for the account that you use to log in to the support site.

  1. Go to Qualtrics Support.
  2. Select Sign in with SSO.
  3. Enter wlu (all lowercase) in the Organization ID field.
  4. Log in with your Laurier username and password.
  5. Select your support request topic.

The Qualtrics Support Team provides 24/7 support by:


Custom themes are available to demonstrate affiliation with Laurier and allow you to adhere to brand guidelines.

Laurier themes are based on your target audience. Select the purple leaf theme for students, and the gold leaf theme for faculty, staff and external members.​

Policies and Terms of Use

Frequently Asked Questions