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Get Involved

Residence Learning Goals

The Department of Residence will facilitate developmental experiences that foster self-authored leadership in first-year students. All developmental efforts will be grounded in residence's four learning goals.

Life skills iconLife Skills

Learning and developing the skills necessary to live independently while striving for personal wellness.

Self-Awareness iconSelf-Awareness

Clarify personal identity in relation to one's values and what it means to act in congruence with them. Navigate the connections between self and others and reflect on one's impact on others.

Community Integration and Participation iconCommunity Integration and Participation

Find a sense of belonging in community and contribute positively to the community as a caring and accountable citizen.

Academic Curiosity and SuccessAcademic Curiosity and Success

Developing the skills necessary to be academically successful while exploring academic interests and corresponding career pathways.

Enhance Your Experience

There are many ways for you to get involved and enhance your residence experience at Laurier. 

  • A Residence Learning Community (RLC) is a themed residence community where students share a common interest.
  • Our First-Year Leadership Programs (FYLP) create opportunities for students living in residence to find their fit.
  • Themed Environments (Waterloo) are for students who are interested in living in a community that appeals to a more structured lifestyle preference.
  • Learning Clusters (Brantford) provide students with the opportunity to engage in programming with others who share a common interest.