We use a circle of care model that incorporates specialties from a diverse, multidisciplinary team. Students who use the Student Wellness Centre have access to a number of wellness professionals to enhance their health and wellbeing while they are here at Laurier:

Referrals to other local practitioners and specialists are also available.

If you think you need to see a doctor in under 24 hours, you must call the clinic to discuss your concern.

If the SWC is closed, use the urgent and after-hours care contacts.

Booking Appointments

See the list of medical fees and missed appointment policies.

To schedule an appointment:

  • Drop in or call us when we are open to schedule an appointment.
  • Book online (medical appointments only).
  • Appointment request form (Brantford only).
  • We will require your:
    • health card number (OHIP, provincial health card or valid UHIP coverage)
    • address in Waterloo or Brantford
    • phone number

We do not schedule appointments over email. 

Appointment reminders are emailed to your MyLaurier email the day before your appointment as a courtesy.

Mental Health and Counselling

Mental Health services at the SWC include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment using short-term, goal-directed counselling, crisis intervention, and crisis management.

At this time, most students chose in-person counselling appointments, but video and telephone appointments are also available.

Common concerns addressed in short-term therapy include anxiety and depression; homesickness; stress management; roommate tensions; parental and family conflict; surviving a break-up; grief; and confidence and self-esteem.

Below are some resources and information about the SWC's mental health support.

Medical Services

Services include assessment and treatment for illnesses and injury, referrals to specialists, immunizations, sexual health care (testing and treatment), first aid, etc.

Online Booking for Physical Health Appointments (Waterloo)

Online booking is available to registered Laurier students for non-urgent/routine appointments only for the following medical concerns: 

  • STI testing (20 minutes): For routine appointments only.
    • Do not use online booking if you are having symptoms or were notified of a positive contact and told to get tested. Please call the clinic.
  • Birth control consult (20 minutes): If you would like to start birth control (including IUDs) or discuss changing your prescription.
  • Birth control repeat (10 minutes): Simple repeats of current prescription. If you have run out or are about to miss a pill, call the clinic to discuss a bridge pack.
  • Rash (10 minutes): Non-acute, non-urgent rashes only. If you think you are having an allergic reaction, call us or visit a walk-in clinic. If you are having difficulty breathing, call 911.
  • Irregular/painful periods (10 minutes): If your period is late, or if you need a pregnancy test or emergency contraception, please call us or drop in to speak with the nurse.

Online booking is for in-person appointments only. If you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notices, you will be charged a no-show fee.

Book your appointment online.

Sexual Health and Contraception

Sexual health is an important part of your health and wellbeing.

Online appointments can be booked as long as you meet the requirements.

Same-day services include:

  • Speaking to a nurse about emergency contraception (Plan B), pregnancy testing, pregnancy support, and abortion support.
  • STI testing: when experiencing symptoms or if a partner has tested positive.

You must book an appointment:

  • To discuss birth control options, or to renew your birth control prescription.
  • To discuss IUD insertion.
  • For routine STI testing (if you are experiencing STI symptoms or if a partner has tested positive, you can access our walk-in service to see a doctor that day)
  • To discuss cervical cancer screening (Pap test) if you are over the age of 21 and are or ever have been sexually active
  • To discuss immunizations available to help protect against illness spread through sexual contact (for example, the HPV vaccine)

For more information, check out the following websites:

Wellness Therapies

Wellness therapies available through the SWC include chiropractic, massage and physiotherapy services.


Dr. Caitlyn Evans and Dr. Wyatt Weppler (Waterloo)

  • Initial visit: $100
  • Follow-up appointments: $60

No referral is needed for chiropractor visits. 

Cash or credit card accepted for payments.

Registered Massage Therapists

Nancy Allan and Brian Pederson (Waterloo)

  • 30 minute appointment: $50
  • Dr. note for insurance reimbursement from the SWC: $10

Cash or personal cheques accepted.


Sarah Arbour (Waterloo)

  • Initial appointment: $100
  • Follow-up appointment: $69

Cash or credit card accepted.

Registered Dietitian

The registered dietitian addresses a variety of issues, including:

  • nutrition management
  • weight change
  • meal planning
  • vegetarian and vegan eating
  • quick and easy cooking
  • food allergies and intolerances
  • disordered eating
  • eating on and off campus
  • sports nutrition
  • stomach and bowel problems

Appointments with a registered dietitian are available on the Brantford and Waterloo campus.  Call the Student Wellness Centre to make an appointment.

Appointments are 45-50 minutes long, during which you will be given practical information, including shopping lists, meal plans, and quick, easy recipes.

On the Brantford campus, you can see the dietitian by self-referral or with a referral from your doctor.  The cost of service is covered by your extended health and dental plan.

On the Waterloo campus, you must first meet with a doctor, nurse, or counsellor in the SWC for a referral.  The cost of appointments is included in your student services fees.