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Summer Semester

Opportunities to study abroad aren’t limited to the academic year. Study at any of Laurier's exchange partner institutions that offer summer programs, where you can earn credits towards your Laurier degree while still paying your Laurier tuition. These opportunities are a great way to build international skills and experience, particularly if you’re not able to go on exchange for a term or a full year. 

Students from all faculties can apply to study abroad during the summer semester. These study abroad options can be from one to eight weeks long and you'll earn the equivalent 0.5 - 1.0 credit. A full term abroad for 2.5 credits isn't available during the summer semester.

Applications for summer semester exchange are submitted to Laurier International through Journey.

2023 Summer Semester Exchange Program

Summer semester exchange opportunities for 2023 will be posted here as we continue to receive updates from our partner, giving you several months to prepare for exchange.

Your Laurier application deadline is February 1, 2023 by 3 p.m. EST

To study abroad on a summer semester exchange, you will first need to watch a recorded summer semester information session. (Passcode: #SummerAbroad2023)