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Summer Semester

Opportunities to study abroad aren’t limited to the academic year. Institutions around the world offer programs during the summer, where you can earn credits towards your Laurier degree while still paying your Laurier tuition. These opportunities are a great way to build international skills and experience, particularly if you’re not able to go on exchange for a term or a full year. 

Summer cultural excursions are also available. These excursions are not-for-credit and instead focus on cultural immersion and engagement. 

2021 Summer Exchange Program Update

Laurier International has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Summer Exchange Program for outgoing students. This includes all summer abroad short-term exchanges that begin in May, June, July and August 2021. These opportunities are to study abroad in-country for one to three weeks for the equivalent of 0.5 or 1.0 Laurier credits.

It is still to-be-determined if students can participate in virtual or online summer abroad 2021 programs offered through our exchange partner institutions.  Please email if interested in these opportunities with a link to the virtual program you’re interested in.

Laurier is making this decision now as the application deadline for these short-term summer programs is early in the Winter 2021 term. Students would also need to submit student visa and study permit applications in early Spring.

The travel advisory of the Canadian government continues to recommend that there should be no travel for non-essential purpose, and we have no indication when this will change.

The health and safety of Golden Hawks is the number one guiding principle for all international education programs administered by Laurier International and there is no indication, at this time, that it will be safe to travel internationally during the Spring/Summer 2021 semester.

Summer Exchange Eligibility

  • You must complete 10 Laurier credits to apply.
  • You can participate in both a summer semester abroad and full-term exchange only with specific permission from your department.
  • If you are graduating in the fall, you can study abroad in the summer; however, there is no guarantee that the credit transfer process will be completed before the deadline to apply to graduate.

How to Apply

  1. Self-register for the Student Exchange Program course on MyLearningSpace (MyLS) to learn more about our program offerings. Programs offered in summer 2021 will be posted in late fall 2020 and January 2021.
  2. Submit the required application documents to Laurier International by the required deadline(s) indicated for the program. If your application is in order and you are accepted, we will contact you with an offer letter, which will include more information about the next steps. The last possible date to apply for all 2021 summer abroad experiences is in the middle of Winter semester.
  3. Complete the required forms and waivers. When these forms are submitted, we will nominate you to the host institution.
  4. Once you have been nominated, fill out the specific application for your host institution and submit your application documents directly to them by their deadline. Note: Your acceptance to the Student Exchange Summer Semester program does not guarantee your acceptance to a specific host institution.
  5. The host institution will send you an acceptance letter. The host institution may also require additional documents or information, which they will request at this time and which you are required to submit by their deadlines. When you are accepted, you will be required to complete the pre-departure information modules in the Student Exchange Program MyLS course.
  6. Meet with your academic advisor to complete the Course Credit Transfer Agreement (CCTA) form. This form matches your courses abroad with the credits you will receive on your Laurier transcript.

Financial Information

You will continue to pay Laurier tuition and incidental fees for the total number of credits you will be earning abroad. The amount of tuition and incidental fees you pay are determined by the number of credits you earn. If you decide to take fewer credits once you are abroad, you will not receive a refund from Laurier.

Financial awards and/or supplements may be offered on a case-by-case basis from the host institution. If you are an OSAP recipient, you will retain your eligibility for OSAP.

Courses and Credit Transfer

The types of credits you earn abroad will depend on your program of study. You must meet with your academic advisor to determine your academic suitability to study abroad and the types of credits you can earn.

The number of credits will depend on the program and opportunity.

Travel Preparations

You are required to attend Laurier International's pre-departure in late March on the Waterloo campus.  Please mark your calendar as this session is mandatory.

We recommend you do not make any travel arrangements until you have received your official acceptance from the host university. You are responsible for your travel preparations which can include:

  • booking your flight
  • arranging accommodations
  • purchasing travel insurance
  • arranging for a visa or study permit, if required
  • getting or renewing your passport

Find guidance and information about your travel preparations in the Student Exchange Program course in MyLS. Laurier International is also available to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.