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Program Requirements

Note: University regulations apply to all students at Laurier. If there is any discrepancy between the program or progression requirements outlined on this page and those in the university's academic calendars, the academic calendars are the official sources of information. The information below is from the latest calendar, and you may be following progression requirements from an earlier calendar. Students are responsible for checking the appropriate calendar. Contact your program coordinator should you notice any discrepancies.

Find detailed information about the program requirements to help you successfully complete your User Experience Design program.

On this page:

Honours BDes in User Experience Design

The Honours Bachelor of Design (BDes) in User Experience (UX) Design requires 20.0 credits, of which no more than 7.0 credits may be at the 100 level and at least 9.0 credits in the major must be at the senior level. 

Yearly Curriculum Flows

Students who wish to have a breakdown of all required courses and electives for their respective years can reference these curriculum flows.

Students, including those who transfer into the UX program from another institution, should follow the Curriculum Flow Chart for the year they began their studies in the User Experience Design program. 

Students who transfer into the UX program from another Laurier program, will be expected to follow the Curriulum Flow Chart for the year they transferred into the UX program, not the year they began their studies at Laurier. 

Students who transfer into the UX program should not expect to fast track through the program requirements. The program is designed to build upon learning from year to year and prerequisites are in place to ensure students have the knowledge and skills to advance through the UX program successfully. 


As a full-time program, it is anticipated that students will take four to five courses per term and be able to complete the degree in eight to ten terms, with one additional term for the optional co-op placement (to be completed in the summer following Year 2 or Year 3). 

Co-op Opportunity

Students who wish to apply for admission to co-op are encouraged to do so at the end of second year and participate in a competitive entry process.

Learn more about the Liberal Arts Co-Op program.

Minor in User Experience Design

The User Experience Design Minor consists of 3.0 credits of specific User Design courses. The UX minor is currently availale to students in Brantford and Waterloo. 

Required Courses

  • UX100 – Design Thinking I: Foundations
  • UX103 – UX Strategy
  • UX115 – UX Research Methods I
  • UX230 – Interaction Design I
  • UX205 – Information Design
  • UX306 – Design of Immersive Spaces

All Minor Courses will be offered as virtual synchronous. Note, with the exception of UX100 and UX103, that these courses are restricted to students who have declared a minor in the User Experience Design program.

To declare the minor and learn more about making changes to your undergraduate program, visit the Changing Programs page.

Refer to Regulations Governing all Minors. For questions, please contact the Academic Program Assistant at

Master of Science in User Experience Design

You'll start building your portfolio from your first semester in the program and work on real projects with clients from industry, government and community organizations.

A competitive entry eight-month co-op opportunity is available after your second semester.

More detailed descriptions of each course can be found in the academic calendar.