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Liberal Arts Co-op Program

Laurier's Faculty of Liberal Arts combines traditional and experiential learning through programming that allows you to put classroom theory into practice. Available opportunities include our User Experience Design co-op.

User Experience Design

The User Experience Design program is part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, located in Brantford. User Experience (UX) is a rapidly growing career path that focuses on making products, services and spaces useful, usable and enjoyable for users. As a Laurier UX student, you will gain in-depth knowledge of design thinking, product research and development, information architecture, interface design, interaction design and usability testing. You will develop strong technical skills in lab and studio environments. During co-op and study terms, you will work with clients from industry, government and community organizations.

The extended work term of 12 to 16 months allows you to engage in a project of reasonable complexity and see it to completion. User Experience Design co-op positions include: 

  • Business Analyst
  • User Experience Analyst
  • Information Architect
  • Marketing Designer/Director
  • Usability Specialist
  • Visual Designer
  • Service Design Lead

You are required to apply for admission to co-op at the beginning of third year and participate in a competitive entry process. Recruitment begins in January 2020 for work terms that start in May 2020.

Work Study Sequence
Year Fall (September–December) Winter (January–April) Spring (May–August)

Year 1

  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Technology Lab
  • UX Strategy
  • Graphic Design I
  • Break

Year 2

  • Graphic Design II
  • 3D (Maker Lab) and Web Design Lab
  • Design Thinking II
  • Graphic Design Studio II Interaction Design
  • Break

Year 3

  • Information Design
  • Maker Lab II
  • Interaction Design II
  • Trends in UX
  • Research in User Experience
  • Web Design Lab II
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Lab Design of Immersive Spaces
  • Work Term

Year 4

  • Work Term
  • Work Term
  • Work Term

Year 5

  • Capstone Design Project
  • Capstone Design Project
  • Design for Social Innovation
  • N/A