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Readmission/Re-registration at Laurier

There are different ways of returning to Laurier depending on your academic record.
  • A Sequential Degree request applies if you have already completed a degree.
  • A Re-registration request applies if you voluntarily left Laurier in good academic standing, and have either had a lapse in registration of 18 months or attended another postsecondary institution.
  • A Readmission request applies if you wish to return to Laurier after being required to withdraw.


Request for Sequential Degree

The sequential degree request is necessary for students who have already completed a degree and would like to pursue another. Such requests are at the discretion of the department and the office of the relevant dean and are not guaranteed.

Requirements vary based on type of degree and previous coursework completed. Full regulations can be found in the Academic Calendar.


Request for Re-registration

The request for re-registration form is necessary for students who have left Laurier in good academic standing and have either had a lapse in registration of a minimum of 18 months or have attended another postsecondary institution since their last registration at Laurier.


Note: As of Sept. 1, 2007 the general BA with a major is not available. If you are returning to Laurier after an absence of 18 months or more, you must register in the general BA without designation unless you meet requirements for a specific honours program.


Request for Readmission

A request for readmission is necessary for students who were required to withdraw from Laurier and wish to resume their studies at Laurier.

To do so, students must complete the necessary academic upgrading in order to be considered for re-admission. Laurier currently offers two pathways for readmission: (1) Strategies for Academic Success, and (2) Academic Upgrading at another Post-Secondary Institution.

Note: Due to the competitive nature of the programs in the School of Business and Economics and the Bachelor of Social Work Program, students who were required to withdraw from the University are not eligible for re-admission into these programs. If you wish to be considered for readmission into another program at the university, you may choose a pathway below. See more under the Readmission section of the current Academic Calendar.

[Pathway 1]
Strategies for Academic Success

Laurier offers the Strategies for Academic Success program as a method for readmission to Laurier. The program has been carefully designed by the Faculty of Arts to support a smooth transition back to your studies.

With this program, you will be granted conditional readmission on advising support probation with limited registration. Upon successful completion of SAS, you may resume full-time or part time studies while on probation.

[Pathway 2]
Academic Upgrading at another Post-Secondary Institution

Academic upgrading must be pursued at a college or university external to Laurier and requires the successful completion of either:

  • Two pre-approved, academic college courses, each with a minimum grade of A- (80%); or
  • Two pre-approved, university courses, each with a minimum grade of B- (70%) or better.

This pathway comprises of three steps.

Step 1: Obtain Pre-Approval for Academic Upgrading Courses

Before you register in courses for academic upgrading, pre-approval is required. Approval will be relayed to you via email. Upgrading Notes:
  • The courses may not be taken at Laurier and must not cover course material previously taken at Laurier.
  • Courses must be academic in content and cover disciplines that are taught in the faculty you are seeking readmission.
  • Business courses will not be approved.
  • To register for the approved courses, students are required to contact the institution directly where upgrading will take place.
  • Courses taken at a college or another university to either meet readmission requirements or taken for interest while on a "must withdraw" status, will not be eligible for transfer credit.

Step 2: Arrange an Official Transcript

After completing your courses for academic upgrading, an official transcript must be sent directly to Enrolment Services from the institution(s) attended at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the term you are requesting readmission.
Official transcripts should be sent to:

Wilfrid Laurier University
Enrolment Services: Records
75 University Ave. W.
Waterloo, ON, N2L 3C5



Step 3: Apply for Readmission

Once you have successfully completed two pre-approved courses for readmission, please submit the readmission request form. Submission of this form is required a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of term.

Within your Request for Readmission form, you must include:

  • A one page statement letter outlining:
    • The reason(s) for your previous academic performance,
    • Why you feel you’re prepared to be more successful academically, and
    • Details concerning your activities or work experiences since your last attendance at Laurier.
  • Supporting documentation, if applicable (ie. medical).
Terms of Readmission 
If readmitted, you will be placed on academic probation in the general degree program. A meeting with an academic advisor is strongly recommended before course registration can occur. 

Within two years, you must successfully complete 2.0 credits and attain a 5.0 (C) GPA on completion of these courses. You will be limited to part-time registration of 1.0 credit per term. Readmission probation will continue until you complete a minimum of 4.0 credits. Failures are not permitted during the probation period. Upon completion of this probation period, you must meet all program requirements as listed in the undergraduate academic calendar


Students who have withdrawn in good standing may request readmission within one year of withdrawal without completing the required application forms or paying any required application fee. Normally, readmission for such students will be granted. If more than one year has elapsed since the withdrawal date, a new application for admission is required.

Students who fail to register or be granted an approved leave shall be deemed to have terminated their candidacy in the program and will be required to reapply.

Applicants for readmission must:

  • Pay any applicable application fee;
  • Include a letter indicating a proposed schedule for the completion of all degree requirements; and
  • Agree to be interviewed by representatives of the graduate program.

There is no guarantee of readmission and students may be required to complete additional course work as a condition of readmission (e.g., if more than five years have elapsed since the completion of a course, the student may be required to retake the course).

Applicants for readmission are advised to consult with their academic unit/program about graduate student funding eligibility, where applicable.