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Certificate in Arts

If you have completed 5.0 credits as a part-time student registered in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Human and Social Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts or Faculty of Science, you may apply for the Arts I Certificate. The completion of 10.0 credits allows you to apply for an Arts II Certificate. All courses recognized for credit toward a certificate will also be considered as credits toward a General Bachelor of Arts degree. One Business credit may be counted toward the Arts I Certificate and two Business credits may be counted toward the Arts II Certificate.


  • You must not hold a university degree. 
  • You must have achieved a grade point average of no less than 4.00.
  • All courses have been taken on a part-time basis and at least one must have been taken after July 1, 1980. 
  • The courses counted towards a certificate must not, separately or in combination, contravene any regulations pertaining to the requirements of the General Bachelor of Arts degree. 
  • At least 3/5ths of the courses counted towards a certificate must have been taken at Laurier.


Certificate in Criminology

The Certificate in Criminology consists of 5.0 credits, including no more than 3.0 at the 100 level. The certificate program is offered on a part-time basis only and requirements must be fulfilled within five years from the date of entry.