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Outgoing Exchange Students

Laurier students participating in an exchange through Laurier International can apply for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) funding to assist in paying for their expenses during their exchange term. Familiarize yourself with the financial assistance available for international opportunities as it is important to ensure that adequate funding is available before making the decision to study outside of Canada.

Application Process

If you are paying your tuition and incidental fees directly to Laurier for your exchange term, then you will apply for OSAP as you would for on campus study terms at Laurier.

If you are paying your tuition and incidental fees directly to the international school you are attending while on exchange then you must submit an OSAP application for the international school online. Your application will be processed directly by the ministry and any inquiries related to your OSAP processing need to be directed to the ministry. For additional information on receiving financial assistance for studies outside of Canada, visit the OSAP Study Abroad website.

Combined Sussex Degree Program

If you are enrolled in the combined Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Laurier and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of Sussex, review additional information on tuition costs and the OSAP application procedure for University of Sussex exchange funding.