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First-Year Program Restrictions

Restrictions may be based on calendar regulations or to allow registration for students in particular programs. Sometimes restrictions vary for particular sections of a course. Restrictions are all listed in the Browse Classes feature.

The university reserves the right to remove you at any time from any courses that you have registered for contrary to the regulations. For example, if you register in more courses than allowed, in courses for which you lack prerequisites or in courses which are inappropriate due to any other university regulation, the university reserves the right to remove you even after classes have begun. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to make the appropriate selections. The university does not guarantee that your errors will be caught.

Incoming First-Year Restrictions

Each program at Laurier has a specific curriculum, with registration requirements and restrictions specific to first-year students. First-year students should only register for courses listed in the first-year course offerings, unless otherwise noted within specific program requirements. When registering, keep in mind that many courses are restricted to students within that major until a certain date (e.g. BU111). Check your offer of admission to see which faculty you belong to and then find your program to learn which courses you need to take to earn your degree.

Program-Specific Requirements

Program-specific requirements can be found in MyDegree for undergraduate students who started at Laurier in fall 2016 or later, or in the official academic calendar. The university grading system can be found in the official academic calendar. If there is any discrepancy between the requirements listed in MyDegree and the requirements in the academic calendar, the calendar is the official version.