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Build Your Timetable

Planning your schedule in advance is an important part of a successful registration process. To begin planning your schedule, start by sorting your required courses by the term they are available. The Dynamic Schedule and Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) will tell you which term courses are offered in. If your program requirements list does not designate a recommended term, you can choose which term you would like to take each course (don't forget to check for course prerequisites). For example, if you are required to take MA100 and MA101 for your program, you must take MA100 in fall term before taking MA101 in winter term.

Visual Schedule Builder

You may want to plan out your schedule using good ol' pen and paper, but you can also use Laurier's Visual Schedule Builder to plan your timetable online. Start with your fall term courses. Input your program requirements and elective choices into the registration tool to create your timetable. The Visual Schedule Builder will provide the Course Registration Number (CRN) for each of your courses, labs and/or tutorials as well as indicate which term your courses are offered in. You will then use these CRNs to register on LORIS.

Remember, when you register for courses you are registering for the year, so plan both your fall and winter terms.

Learn About LORIS

The Laurier Online Registration and Information System is a bit of a mouthful, so around here we call it LORIS. You’ll hear this term often, because you’ll use LORIS to register for your courses, make changes to your course selections, print your schedule, view your grades, confirm your program, view your OSAP status, change your address, add your Social Insurance Number for income tax forms, see your fees, and much, much more.

Watch our step-by-step training video for guidance through the registration process. If you come across any terms you don't understand, check our LORIS glossary for an explanation.

The Dynamic Schedule is a LORIS online tool that provides course descriptions, exclusions and registration notes, as well as restrictions and pre-requisites that you need to be aware of prior to registering. It also provides information on class space, location and waitlists.

This tool will help you complete your weekly schedule and provide you with the information you need to register for your courses.

Using the Dynamic Schedule

  1. Select a term.
  2. To see all available courses, choose the first subject, hold the shift key down and use the down arrow to select all subjects.
  3. To identify several subjects of interest, choose your first subject, hold the control key down and click on any other subject.
  4. Select your level of study.
  5. Select "Class Search."

Important Dates for Fall 2017 Registration

June 5 at 10 a.m.: Registration opens for first-year students.

June 26: Registration opens for senior students. First-year students should register by this date for best course selection.

July 5: Some courses that were previously restricted may now be available for registration, space permitting. Some dates may vary by department.

July 17: Last day to register in at least one course to avoid a late registration fee.

Late July: Entrance scholarships are finalized.

Sept. 4-6: Orientation week begins for first-year students.

Sept. 7: Fall term classes begin.

Registration Checklist

  1. Make a list of your required courses.
  2. Use the Visual Schedule Builder and Dynamic Schedule to confirm which term your courses are available.
  3. Choose your preferred scheduled.
  4. Record the CRNs.
  5. Login in to LORIS and register for your courses. 

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