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Year and Program Restrictions

Restrictions may be based on calendar regulations or to allow registration for students in particular programs. Sometimes restrictions vary for particular sections of a course. Restrictions are all listed in the Browse Classes feature (formerly the Dynamic Schedule).

The university reserves the right to remove you at any time from any courses that you have registered for, contrary to the regulations. For example, if you register in more courses than allowed, in courses for which you lack prerequisites or in courses which are inappropriate due to any other university regulation, the university reserves the right to remove you even after classes have begun. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to make the appropriate selections. The university does not guarantee that your errors will be caught.

Registration Restrictions

Many courses have registration restrictions that will be removed after a specific date. This date is listed on the Browse Classes under "Restrictions." Before restrictions are removed, these courses are only open to students in select majors, honours programs and year levels.

If you are interested in a particular course, check back after the restriction date once the registration restriction has been lifted.

Year Restrictions

Courses may have year restrictions. If you require an override, contact academic advising.

Prerequisite Restrictions

It is your responsibility to create a timetable for each term that fits your progression requirements.

  • If you do not meet the required prerequisites in the fall termLORIS will not allow you to register in some courses.
  • If you do not meet prerequisites in the winter termLORIS will allow you to register in some courses. In this case, LORIS is assuming you are taking the prerequisite in the fall term. If you do not register in the prerequisite, LORIS may remove you from the winter registration.

Program-Specific Considerations

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program (Years 2 and 3)

Core courses will be added to your schedule prior to registration appointments. In LORIS, register for elective courses only.

Bachelor of Business Technology Management (BTM) Program (Year 3)

Register for your winter term and spring term BTM courses in June. To add the remainder of your spring term (elective) courses, use the regular spring term registration period.

Digital Media and Journalism Program

Conestoga College courses are added to your LORIS account for registration and billing purposes.