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Step 3: Register for Courses


This is the third step in the three-step registration process. To ensure that your course registration goes smoothly, ensure you have completed the process in Step 1 and Step 2 to identify course requirements and restrictions, and build your schedule prior to moving on to Step 3.

Logging onto LORIS

  1. Go to LORIS.
  2. Under "Network Login Username" type in your username.
  3. Under "Network Login Password" type in your network password.

Note: If you lock your account wait five minutes and it will reset. If you continue to have login issues, contact the ICT Service Desk.

Registering for Courses

Once you’ve logged in to LORIS, you can use the following process to register for classes:

  • Click on “Student Services.”
  • Click on “Registration.”

Check Your Registration Status

  • Go to "Prepare for Registration."
  • Select your term. Click "Continue."
  • See your registration status.
  • To return to the homepage, click "Registration" in the top menu bar.

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Browse Courses using "Find Classes"

  • Go to "Register for Classes."
  • Select your term. Click "Continue."
  • In the "Find Classes" tab, you can search for classes by course code, course title, subject, etc. Add the subject in the "Subject" field and the course number in the "Course Number" field. Or, perform an advanced search based on specific criteria.
  • Click "Search."

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  • Select one of the course sections available and click "Add." The selected course will move to the summary area. Note: You can open and close the bottom panels to display more course registration information.
  • Check if there are any time conflicts by looking at your calendar.
  • Click "Submit" to register.


Enter Course Reference Numbers (CRNs)

  • Go to "Register for Classes."
  • Select your term. Click "Continue."
  • Select the "Enter CRNs" tab.
  • Add a CRN in the CRN field. To add additional fields, click on "+ Add Another CRN" or use the tab key.
  • When finished adding CRNs, click "Add to Summary," then press "Submit" on the summary page.


Ensure Registration was Successful

  • Registration was processed when you clicked "Submit" in the summary area.
  • After you press "Submit" make sure there are no registration errors.
  • Ensure you see "Registered" status next to each course.


After Registration: View Your Schedule

  • Go to "Schedule and Options" to view your schedule. Note: Online courses will not appear in your schedule.
  • You can also use the email icon to send a copy of your schedule to your email account or press print. 

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