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How to Switch Tutorial and Lab Sections

Students wishing to switch a tutorial or lab section can do so on LORIS without automatically dropping the lecture. For example: A student currently registered in SP101 Section A, Tutorial 1 wants to switch into Tutorial 2.

You can follow these steps to switch tutorials without dropping the lecture, provided there is room in the tutorial and there are no time conflicts. You will need to repeat these steps for each half of a two-term course.

  1. Log into LORIS
  2. Click on "Student Services"
  3. Click on "Registration"
  4. Click on "Register for Classes"
  5. Select term and Continue.
  6. Go to Find Classes and Search for the new section you want to add. Click "Add" and it will go to your Summary as Pending status.
  7. Under "Summary", find the section you want to drop and select "Drop Course"
  8. Click on "Submit"