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How to Use a Wait List

How Does a Wait List Work?

Wait lists may exist for some courses, and allow you to “get in line” for the next available space that may come available. Students on a wait list will be in the queue until space becomes available. If you're at the top of the wait list, and a spot becomes available, you will receive an email to your mylaurier email advising you have 24 hours to add the course through LORIS. If you miss your window of time to register in the course, you will be removed from the wait list, and the next person on the wait list will have the opportunity to add the course. To learn more, watch a video on How to Check Your Waitlist Position.  

If you would like to see if a course has a wait list, search the course in Browse ClassesPlease note, not all courses have a wait list

If you are on the wait list and you have not received an email notification, yet it appears that there is space in the course in LORIS, it likely means that a student at the top of the wait list will have received a notification of space. Please be patient and wait for your turn!  If you are on a wait list, registration in that course is not guaranteed, for eg. the add deadline for the term has passed. To see your current position, expand the details for the section in “Schedule details”.


How Do I Get on a Wait List?

    1. Do a search under "Find Classes" in Register for Classes.
    2. Review the "Class Seats" column for available space in the section and the wait list.
    3. If course is full and there is space available on the wait list, click "Add". Course will be added to your Summary with "Pending" status.
    4. Click "Submit". 
    5. You will get a "Registration Add Error" message to let you know the course is full, but a wait list is available.
    6. Under "Summary", go to the course and select "Waitlisted" from the Action drop down menu.
    7. Click "Submit".
    8. Status will appear as "Waitlisted" in Summary.
    9. To view your wait list position, go to the "Schedule Detail" tab on the left panel and view course details. Click the arrow beside the Course Title to expand the course details.
    10. If you receive an email indicating a space is available, log into LORIS and under the "Summary", select "Enrolled" for the wait listed course from the Action drop down menu. Click on "Submit" and your status will change to "Registered".