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Competitive Scholarships and Awards

Descriptions of Laurier’s competitive scholarships and awards opportunities are listed on the Student Awards Search Engine. Each description will indicate if it is an award or a scholarship as well as the eligibility criteria for each.

What are Competitive Scholarships and Awards?

Competitive awards are granted to students who submit their student profile on LORIS and who best meet the specific eligibility criteria for each award opportunity. Competitive scholarships are available to all students in any year of study including numerous opportunities available to first-year students.

A competitive scholarship is granted for outstanding academic achievement and factors such as extracurricular activities or volunteer work may also be considered.

An award is granted on a competitive basis for a combination of academic achievement and participation in extracurricular activities such as volunteer work or involvement in sports or clubs. Recipients of awards must always demonstrate financial need.

The online student profile to apply for competitive scholarships and awards is made available in the summer (check your Laurier email for notices). The deadline for applying is in the fall.

An endowed scholarship is granted from investment income generated by the original gift to the university. An annual scholarship is paid directly by the donor to the university on an annual basis. The university may allot scholarships by faculty. The university reserves the right not to grant a specific scholarship if no eligible applicants are identified. The stated value of scholarships is subject to change. Scholarships offered by the university are tenable only at Laurier.

Opportunities which are listed on the website that are identified as being "endowed" (see under the description of each opportunity) are financed by investment income generated by gifts to the university. The university will grant up to a maximum of 4% of the value of these endowments depending upon the amount of interest income generated on an annual basis. Consequently, these opportunities may or may not be available during any particular academic year due to the nature of financial markets. Any values which may quoted for these opportunities on the website represent the maximum amounts that may be available, not the actual amounts that will ultimately be granted.

If no eligible applicants are identified, the university reserves the right not to grant a specific award or scholarship. The value of awards is subject to change each year. Awards offered by the university are tenable only at Laurier.

Example of a Competitive Scholarship

Pauline Spencer Award for Community-Building at Laurier

This award is for a full-time senior undergraduate student who is actively working for the betterment of the university community through meaningful involvement in campus activities. The award can be granted to a student in any program at the Waterloo campus who is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident (landed immigrant) or protected person and who is also a long-term resident of Ontario. The student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 8.0 and proven financial need.