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COVID-19 Pandemic Safe Travel, Arrival and Quarantine (STAQ) Program

The Government of Canada will be further increasing surveillance efforts to ensure travellers entering Canada complete the applicable mandatory 14-day quarantine period under the Quarantine Act.

If you are currently planning to travel to Canada to study remotely at Laurier, you need to start immediately to arrange for a COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to your scheduled departure to Canada. If you can not arrange the test in time you will need to re-schedule your flight. If you have any questions please email the STAQ Program Coordinator.

STAQ Program Information

The Safe Travel, Arrival and Quarantine (STAQ) program was created to support incoming international students as they navigate Canada’s COVID-19 protocols for entry. Students will be provided transportation, accommodation, meals and health and wellness monitoring throughout their stay. The STAQ program is mandatory for all students arriving from abroad. 

The program has been approved by the government and can help students meet requirements for entry into Canada under current travel restrictions.  

Laurier cannot guarantee your entry to Canada. Conditions for entering Canada as a student to study remotely are established by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Approval to enter Canada for the purpose of studying remotely will be determined at the Canadian border by the Canadian Border Security Agency Officer. The STAQ program will provide you with advice on how to show you meet the IRCC regulations and how you will meet the 14-day quarantine requirement.


Registration for the STAQ Program will open July 7. Make sure you understand the information provided on the STAQ Program page fully before you register.



We understand that the added cost associated with quarantine can be prohibitive to students who have already budgeted for their studies. Because of this, Laurier has been able to subsidize a portion of the program.  

Actual cost to school for 11-day quarantine: $1360 

Total cost to student for 11-day quarantine:  $880 

Students will receive: 

  • Arranged transportation from Toronto airport hotel to Laurier. 
  • Accommodations in Laurier’s residences on the Waterloo campus with three meals a day. 
  • Daily monitoring of health and wellness. 
  • Access to health services. 
  • Supports for remote learning, virtual events, and communication with our STAQ team. 
  • Testing for the COVID-19 virus. 

Please note: If you are exempt from the 3 day government hotel quarantine, you will be required to spend the full 14 days in the STAQ program at a cost of $1000+HST ($1130)

What to Expect in Quarantine

Per the Government of Canada’s Quarantine Act, incoming international travelers are required to quarantine for 14 days immediately upon arrival in Canada. The first 3 days of quarantine will be in the Government of Canada run program in a government-approved airport hotel that you must arrange prior to your departure for Canada.  

What to Expect in Quarantine (Cont’d)

After spending the required 3 days in a government-approved airport quarantine hotel, all Laurier students who registered in for Laurier’s STAQ program will complete the remainder of their quarantine requirement in Laurier’s care on the Waterloo campus.  

On the 8th day of your quarantine (day 5 of the Laurier STAQ Program), you will be required to complete a COVID-19 test. The test will be taken in your accommodations and submitted without you needing to leave quarantine. Only when you receive a negative day 8 test result and have spent a minimum of 14 days in quarantine will you be able to leave.  

If you receive a positive test you will remain in quarantine for an additional 14 days and a negative test result will be required before you can leave. You will be charged extra for the accommodations and meals for any extra days in quarantine.     

The penalties of violation of the Quarantine Act include up to six months in prison and/or $750,000 in fines. This means that you must stay in your own quarantine accommodations for 14 days and avoid contact with others. For more information about your quarantine requirements see information on the Government of Canada’s website, For travellers without symptoms of COVID-19 returning to Canada . Please refer to the FAQ section if you have any queries about what is allowed during the quarantine period. 

Preparing to Come to Canada

After Quarantine

Following the completion of your 14-day quarantine period, if you have not presented any symptoms of COVID-19 contact Laurier International to confirm transportation arrangements to your permanent accommodations.

For the duration of your studies at Laurier, be mindful and respectful of public health directives, such as social distancing and wearing a mask. Continue to practice proper hygiene, including hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer, as well as use proper coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Laurier will continue to support you after you complete the 14-day quarantine period. Advising and counselling will be available offering mental and physical health supports; antiracism and COVID-19 stigma supports; and mitigation of social barriers to support student compliance with individual COVID-19 infection control practices.

International Student Support in Laurier International, the Student Wellness Centres, the Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Deans of Student Offices will be made available for all international students during and following completion of the 14-day Quarantine Program.