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Academic Preparation Week

Thank you for attending Academic Preparation Week! If you were unable to make a session, please review our online resources below.

Missed a Session? Check out our Online Resources

Start with the Academic Preparation Certificate. This is a collection of modules and activities to help you get ready for your academic life at Laurier.

Check out our asynchronous modules for sessions about Academic Expections in Univeristy, Academic Skills: Reading, Note-Taking, and Studying, and Preparing for University Now!

View our event recordings for any session you were hoping to attend!

Asynchronous Modules

Academic Expectations in University

Asynchronous module for academic expectations session.

Academic Skills: Reading, Note-Taking, and Studying

Asynchronous module for academic skills: reading, note-taking, and studying session.

Preparing for University Now!

Asynchronous module for preparing for university now session.

Event Recordings

Monday, Aug. 15

  • Criminology Mock Lecture: Toxic Fandoms on the Internet | View recording | Passcode:6^ti8Qr@
  • Academic Expectations in University | View recording | Passcode: 6%iJT3b&

Tuesday, Aug. 16

  • Academic Skills: Reading, Note-Taking, Studying | View recording | Passcode: KHg$8d1d
  • Senior Student Panel | View recording | Passcode: ?HY#g7?.

Wednesday, Aug. 17

Thursday, Aug. 18

  • Student Support at Laurier | View Recording | Passcode: U#z.nZ8J
  • Transition to University Writing Strategies | View Recording | Passcode: Vmq@2pJG
  • WYTNK: Textbooks and Course Materials | View Recording | Passcode: Bz+9FZkp

Friday, Aug. 19

  • Science Mock Lecture: Phylogenies - Building, Testing, and Reading Trees of Life | View Recording | Passcode: +c5gtiZ.
  • Library Services | View Recording | Passcode: U3%s3s@u

Session Descriptions

Check out the schedule to see when these sessions are offered during the week. 

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