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Academic Preparation Week

Prepare yourself for a successful first year at Laurier!

Running from Aug. 15 to 19 and as part of our Laurier 101 programming, Academic Prep Week is designed to set you up for academic success in your first year and allow you to experience what being a university student is like. 

Follow along with the Student Success team to learn about how to prepare and adapt your skills for university level learning. 

Attend a mock lecture, participate in an academic success session, check out our online resources, join our senior student panel and more!

Activate Your Student Email and Zoom Account

Registration is required for academic prep week events that are hosted through Zoom. You can register for each event by clicking the Zoom link in the schedule below. 

Remember to:

Schedule of Events

Check out the session descriptions

Monday, Aug. 15

Tuesday, Aug. 16

Wednesday, Aug. 17

Thursday, Aug. 18

Friday, Aug. 19

Can't Attend a Session? Check out our Online Resources

Start with the Academic Preparation Certificate. This is a collection of modules and activities to help you get ready for your academic life at Laurier.

If you are preparing for a math course this year, watch our Key Strategies for Learning Math video to help with your math strategies!

Check out the session descriptions to find online modules for our sessions about Academic Expections in Univeristy, Academic Skills: Reading, Note-Taking, and Studying, and Preparing for University Now!

Session Descriptions

Check out the schedule to see when these sessions are offered during the week. 

Want More Strategies? 

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