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Course Offerings

HE601: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Health Sciences

0.5 credit (fall)

This weekly seminar includes a combination of guest speakers from various disciplines within health sciences (clinicians, public health practitioners, research scientists, policymakers), and faculty within the Department and/or University, and from other universities. Diverse approaches to studying the health sciences will be the focus of the course. Students will also use this forum to present thesis proposals or research projects. Completion of workshops from the 5 ASPIRE Pillars (Teaching, Professional, Research, Career, Wellness) are an expectation in this course. Precise number (minimum 5) and foci to be jointly decided upon with one’s supervisor. Additional topics may include grant writing (e.g., scholarships), thesis preparation, scientific communication including creating conference posters, the peer-reviewed publication process, etc. Multidisciplinary in nature, the seminar provides students an opportunity to broaden their skillsets/exposure to different issues in the health sciences. The course culminates in students working in groups to identify and present on a relevant health sciences issue.

HE602: Cell-to-Society Perspectives in Health Sciences

0.5 credit (winter)

In this course, students will explore issues in the health sciences (e.g., HIV, COVID-19, chronic stress, cancer, epigenetics, etc.) from a ‘cell-to-society’ lens. This course will explore pathways to health and how they are understood by varied disciplines within the health sciences. The course presents opportunities for identifying topic areas for a master’s thesis.

HE650: Elective or Directed Studies

0.5 credit (fall or winter)

This course allows students in the CCPH field an opportunity for in-depth exploration of issues (methodological/theoretical, etc.) related to their theses; may be taken in another unit or as a directed study. If completing a Directed Study, please complete the Directed Studies form two weeks prior to registration.