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Proxy Access

If you have someone that you would like to provide access to view your student financial account on LORIS, you can grant proxy access. A proxy is someone who you have provided consent to view your account on your behalf. This is beneficial if you need to share invoices, or balances with another person. Proxy access will send invoice notification reminders to the proxy, as well allows them to see your account summary, account summary by term, and invoices. Proxies are unable to see any other information on LORIS including registration, grades, tax documents, etc.

To set up a proxy, you will need a unique email address. Note: Hotmail accounts cannot be used for proxy access, as we are unable to send needed information to these accounts.

Proxy management is completely managed by you. You are able to add or remove access as you please. If you are looking to add a proxy on LORIS, visit our LORIS Proxy Accounts webpage for step-by-step instructions, or check out our video demo for help.

Frequently Asked Questions