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Third-Party Invoicing

Laurier supports and works in partnership with third-party agencies who provide sponsorships to students. A third-party sponsoring agency is an outside source that takes responsibility for full or partial payment of tuition, mandatory fees, housing, materials, etc. A third-party sponsoring agency is not an individual or family member (e.g. parent, grandparent, etc.).

Third-party invoicing is a payment agreement between you the student, the university and a sponsoring agency. Sponsorship and third-party invoicing differs from scholarships and bursaries in that these payments are not directly applied to your financial account, and you are not eligible to receive refunded payments.

You are a sponsored student if:

  • Your sponsoring agency requires that it be invoiced directly in order to facilitate payment.
  • Any credits resulting from dropped courses and adjustments need to be returned to the sponsoring agency.
  • The sponsorship is over multiple terms/academic years.

A sponsoring agency adheres to the following third-party invoicing guidelines:

  • An invoice is directed to the agency, and is in the agency name in order to facilitate payment.
  • Any refund resulting from dropped/adjusted courses, for which the agency submitted payment, is returned to the agency.
  • The agency sponsors the student or students over multiple terms or for an academic year.