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Student Life

Academic Skills (ASk) Certificate

The Academic Skills (ASk) Certificate offers a variety of opportunities that will help you improve your study skills and achieve academic success. The workshops are activity-based and cover a variety of topics. To earn your ASk Certificate you must attend eight ASk activities (workshops and study sessions) in one semester, with at least four being ASk workshops.

Available in Waterloo.

BU121 Academic Success Workshop Series

The BU121 Academic Success Workshop Series assists students in identifying their academic strengths and challenges and develop a plan for success in BU121 through a four-part workshop series. Students will explore and implement study strategies to learn course material in a way that increases comprehension and decreases the need to cram for tests.

Available in Waterloo.

Writing Certificate

The Writing Certificate, run by Writing Services, has students participate in individual sessions to systematically develop effecting skills in academic writing. The certificate requires participation in four scheduled individual consultations (per year) with a peer tutor.

Available in Waterloo.

Money Management

The Money Management Certificate is designed to enhance your money management skills and confidence. The certificate is based on four foundational components of financial knowledge:

  • budgeting
  • credit
  • investing
  • financial planning

Available in Brantford and Waterloo.

Department of Residence Leadership Certificate

The Department of Residence Leadership Certificate largely focuses on self-awareness, as well as community integration and participation. This certificate program is rooted in intentional reflection, where you engage in four classroom-style workshops and submit reflections upon completion of each workshop.

By participating in this series of workshops, you will seek to understand your personal values, how those values define you as a person and as a leader, how your values guide your choices and how choices define your leadership philosophy.

Available in Brantford and Waterloo.

Tier 3 - Advanced Professsional Development - Residence

A Don/Residence Education Advisor (REA) is a leader, mentor, counsellor, and role model in residence. Dons and REAs create and support residence communities and provide an atmosphere for students conducive to academic success and personal growth. As a Don/REA, there is the opportunity for Professional Development. By completing the highest level of professional development offered, Advanced Student Staff Professional Development (Tier 3) challenges staff members who are looking to continue to learn more within their role. Tier 3 also provides additional opportunities for staff who are looking to continue in the Student Affairs field to advance their knowledge of the profession. Overall, student staff who complete Tier 3 will gain greater knowledge and understanding of their role as a member of the Department of Residence, further understand ways to achieve success in the six performance domains, and explore ways to ensure personal wellness in their role.

Available in Brantford and Waterloo

Certificate in Accessibility

The Certificate in Accessibility, run by the Accessible Learning Centre, educates students, faculty, and staff through a practical approach to learn best practices for the Accessibility for Ontarian's with Disabilities Act (AODA). You develop skills to promote accessibility and universal design in your academics, professional and personal lives.

Available in Brantford and Waterloo.

Diversity and Equity Certificate Program

The Diversity and Equity Certificate program was created to engage, challenge, and educate student participants on topics related to diversity. You must attend four to six workshops and have been actively engaged in each workshop to receive this certificate.

Available in Waterloo.

Intercultural Certificate

The Intercultural Certificate, run by Laurier International, provides modules covering cultural dynamics, privilege, cultural manifestations in everyday life, personal filters as a result of culture and intercultural awareness and communication.

The certificate requires you to attend all six sessions. Each module is 90 minutes in length, totalling nine hours of learning to complete this certificate.

  • Introduction to Concepts of Culture
  • Introduction to Exploring One's Own Culture
  • Exploring Difference
  • Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • Introduction to Cultural Adaptation
  • Lifelong Intercultural Learning

Available in Brantford and Waterloo.

Food Justice Certificate

The Food Justice Workshop Series offers 2-hour educational sessions aimed at increasing participants' connection to food. Topics include information about decolonization, improving food security, practicing healthy and culturally appropriate eating, building personal and community resiliency, addressing social inequities and mitigating environmental degradation and climate change.

Available in Brantford.