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Wellness and Recreation

Athletics and Recreation Leadership Certificate

The Athletics and Recreation Leadership Certificate is awarded to senior student-leader staff who have gone above their job description and have become leaders in our department. This certificate recognizes those who reflect on their journey, guide and create leaders of tomorrow and support the department.

Available in Waterloo.

Golden Rules Program

The Golden Rules Program is a wellness initiative, based around resiliency strategies to foster and build growth mindset skills.

The program consists of five modules:

  • Perseverance, Persistence, Grit and Creating Habits
  • Strengths, Balance and Confidence
  • Optimism, Perspective and Self-Compassion
  • Forgiveness, Loving Kindness and Gratitude
  • Flow, Thriving and Curiosity

Available in Brantford.

Group Exercise Mentorship

For the Group Exercise Certificate, instructors teach small sections of classes. Their performance is reviewed throughout the semester, and they attend a variety of trainings.

Available in Waterloo.

Laurier Personal Training Development Program

There are a number of elements required to complete the Laurier Personal Training Development Program:

  • Participation in 3 theoretical workshop days
  • Completion of 2 practical assessments
  • Completion of short multiple-choice knowledge quiz

Students will receive an overall evaluation of their performance and areas of improvement at the end of the program.

Available in Waterloo

More Feet on the Ground Certificate

The More Feet on the Ground Certificate is run through the Health and Wellness Centre. It is an educational website that demonstrates how to recognize, respond and refer students experiencing mental health issues on campus. After reviewing the resources, you can create an account to complete the three quizzes to complete the certificate.

Available in Brantford and Waterloo.

Sexual Violence Response Certificate

The Office of Dispute Resolution and Sexual Violence Support is offering a series of virtual workshops that focus on responding to disclosure and building solidarity for survivors. This program will run in the Winter term and consists of six workshops. Students must attend 4 of 6 of the workshops to receive a certificate.

Available in Brantford.

Wellness Education Certificate

The Wellness Education Certificate, run by the Student Wellness Centre, involves completing a minimum of ten wellness workshops, as well as a brief reflective paper summarizing your learning in the program. Some of the workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Disordered eating
  • Resiliency and stress management
  • Emotional regulation
  • Consent and healthy relationships
  • Power of connections

Available in Brantford and Waterloo.