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Paying Your Tuition

When Are Tuition Fees Due?

The first fee due date for each term typically happens during the first week of the start of term. Specific dates can be found in our academic calendar.

Tuition Fee Due Dates for 2017/18

  • Fall 2017 term: Sept. 7, 2017.
  • Winter 2018 term: Jan. 3, 2018.
  • Spring/Intersession/Summer 2018 terms: May 7, 2018.

Monthly late payment penalties of 1.25% will be assessed on all unpaid balances, one day after the due date.

Tuition Invoices

Your tuition invoice will appear online on LORIS. Look under the Student Services tab and select "View Student Invoice." We will send you an email when new invoices are posted. 

You have the opportunity to set up proxy users to have access to your account information, and to also receive these reminders. This is great if you have someone paying your fees on your behalf!

Fall term tuition fees are assessed in mid-July and early August, so adding or dropping courses may change the amount due. Winter term fees are assessed and invoiced in late November. Check your account status on LORIS at any time after the assessment date. The full amount should be paid by the due date to avoid paying late fees.

How Can I Pay?

The easiest and recommended method of payment is through online banking. Just log onto your financial institutions online banking site, and set up Wilfrid Laurier University as a payee. The account number is your student ID number. We do encourage you to make payments at least three days in advance of a fee due date to ensure your payment makes it on time!

We also accept the following methods of payment:

  • In person at Service Laurier kiosks on our Waterloo and Brantford campuses. We accept debit, personal cheques*, bank drafts and money orders (postdated cheques are not accepted).
  • Mailed cheques* or money orders (postdated cheques are not accepted).

For cheques and money orders, payment should be made out to Wilfrid Laurier University, and the student ID number should be in the memo field.
* Holds paid by personal or non-certified cheques will clear in 21 days.

Note: We do not accept credit card payments for tuition payments. As of January 1, 2017, cash payments will no longer be accepted at Service Laurier. We do not accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

International Payment Options

New Winter 2018!

Laurier is excited to offer international payment option through CIBC International Student Pay. Log on to the secure portal to make an online payment with your preferred currency from anywhere in the world at any time.

This is completed through 4 easy steps:

  • Go to the CIBC International Student Pay portal, and log in using your mylaurier login information.
  • Provide payment details by simply entering your tuition amount in Canadian dollars, then identify your preferred country. You’ll be shown the amount required in your preferred currency to pay your student fees in Canadian dollars based on the competitive FX rate CIBC is providing. This quoted exchange rate is locked in for 72 hours – this means no currency fluctuations during that period as you finalize your transaction.
  • Enter payer details, which can be you, your parents, or an agent acting on your behalf.
  • Initiate the transfer by printing the payment instructions and reference code. You will need to bring this information to your local bank within 72 hours. Your bank will follow the instructions to complete the fund transfer.

Paying Through a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

To obtain funds from your RESP, you must be enrolled full-time in a qualifying postsecondary degree program. Your financial institution may require proof of your enrolment at Laurier before they will release your funds.

Information that may be required by your financial institution includes:

  • Academic institution name.
  • Academic program.
  • Number of years of academic program.
  • Year of current study (e.g. first year, second year, etc.).
  • Academic year length (i.e. number of weeks of study in current academic year).
  • Academic year start date.
  • Other information as required by your financial institution.

Some financial institutions will require a copy of your invoice, or proof of enrolment. Each financial institution sets their own policies regarding information required to withdraw money from an RESP fund. Withdrawals from an RESP often require advance notice at the financial institution to ensure the funds are available before the term due date. We recommend that all students contact their financial institution in advance of the fee due dates each term to confirm what information and documentation will be required to process their withdrawal. Due dates each term cannot be extended to accommodate delays in the processing of an RESP withdrawal.

Paying Through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

For information about paying your tuition fees with OSAP, see our OSAP information page.


If you are reviewing your account summary or account summary by term, and note that you have a negative balance, or a credit on account, you are able to request a refund. Refunds can be requested using the Refund Request Form.

A few things to keep in mind when waiting for your refund:

  • Refunds requested at the beginning of a term are not processed until after the last day to add;
  • If you are requesting a cheque to be issued, make sure your mailing address is correct on LORIS;
  • If you are an OSAP recipient, we check first to see if your refund is due to a change in enrolment. If so, your OSAP application will be updated, and there is potential that the change can lead to your refund, or a portion of it, to be returned to the National Student Loan Service Centre to be applied against your current loans; and
  • Processing timelines are approximately two weeks.

When you are dropping courses, your refund will depend on when you drop your course. Courses dropped prior to the start of term will receive a full refund. During the fall, winter and spring term, the first week of class allows you to drop courses without financial penalty. The second week of class there is a 10% tuition penalty. After the second week, incidental fees are non-refundable, and the tuition penalty is 55%. If you are dropping down from your fifth course, because you paid approximately 50% of a traditional course fee, you will receive no refund for dropping from five to four courses in the 55% penalty period.

If you would like to receive your refund by direct deposit, you must set up direct deposit prior to submitting your online refund request. To do this, you can submit a void cheque or pre-authorized debit form from your financial institution along with the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Contact Us:

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