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Applying to Co-op

Undergraduate Application Process

We are now accepting applications from undergraduate students for fall 2019 admission to Arts, Business, Economics, Science, Data Science, Computer Science and User Experience Design co-op and we will accept applications until Monday, September 9, 2019. We will not accept late applications.

We will grant interviews to students who achieve a certain overall GPA in first year.

  • The minimum overall first-year GPA required for students applying for admission to Business and Economics co-op is 8.8 out of 12. 
  • Applicants to Arts co-op and Science co-op need an overall GPA of at least 7.0 in first year, or a GPA of at least 7.0 in their honours discipline courses and at least 6.5 overall, to be granted an admission interview.

If we grant you an interview, please select a time, and upload your resume to Navigator at least two days before the interview.

Arrive early for your interview so you have time to review an introductory statement.

If we offer you admission to co-op, we will have you agree to follow co-op rules and regulations. Read the admission conditions for your co-op program.

The only entry point for Arts co-op, Business and Economics co-op, Science co-op and double degree co-op is the fall term, at the beginning of year two.

PEP students are admitted only at the beginning of year three in the fall term.

You must be enrolled full-time in your first four-year degree program to apply. Co-op is not available to students pursuing a second undergraduate degree.

Enrolment is limited. (For example, we can offer admission to only 385 of the more than 700 students who usually apply to Business and Economics co-op.)

Please scroll down for information about the minimum GPA. (We announce the minimum GPA for Business and Economics students each July.)

Graduate Application

Students apply to the MBA co-op and Master of Finance co-op programs through the School of Business and Economics.

Students applying to the Master of Arts in Business Economics at Laurier indicate whether they wish to be considered for co-op at the time of application.

If you accept admission to co-op, you agree to follow the rules and regulations outlined in the admission conditions for your co-op program.

If you have any questions about graduate co-op programs, contact Laurie Lahn.

International Application 

Students on study permits may apply to and be admitted into co-op programs at Laurier. Note, however, that there may be a limit on the number of spaces available to international students.

The only entry point for co-op is in the fall at the beginning of second year. Students who are removed from their academic program are not eligible to continue in co-op, even if they are later reinstated into that program. 

Co-op Process Overview

If you are admitted to co-op, you will be required to:

  • Participate in modules or seminars on all aspects of the job search. (Seminars for Arts, Business, Economics and Science students are part of the fundamentals of co-operative education course.)
  • Apply to many job postings.
  • Be on campus for interviews during primary recruiting periods. We advise students not to make travel commitments during primary interview periods, including during the fall reading week before a winter work term.
  • Not take vacations during work terms.
  • Be willing to relocate for jobs; that includes finding housing in another city or town.
  • Pay co-op fees to participate in the program.

Primary interview periods:

  • Interviews with CPA firms for students seeking their first work term take place during the first week of classes in January.
  • Interviews for the spring work term take place from late January through mid-February.
  • Interviews for the winter work term take place from mid to late October, including during the fall reading week.

Application Requirements: Business and Economics Co-op

Application Requirements: Arts Co-op and Science Co-op

Application Requirements: Double Degree Programs

Application Requirements: Other Programs