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Visiting Students: Letter of Permission

Letters of Permission for Non-Laurier Undergraduate Students

Process at a Glance

If you are a non-Laurier student interested in taking a course at Laurier, the following information must be completed: 

  1. Letter of Permission from your home institution.
  2. Laurier Department approval of your requested course. For example, if you are requesting to take a Psychology course then you will require approval from Laurier's Psychology department through email correspondence. 
  3. Intent to Register form.

Note: You can request to add a course up until the last day to add classes according to Laurier's add deadline so long as all the required documents are received and approved. 

Important Notes

  • Lazaridis School’s Business department does not accept incoming Letter of Permission requests from Canadian Colleges. This restriction includes any course code beginning with BU or ENTR.

How to Take Classes at Laurier with a Letter of Permission

A Letter of Permission (LOP) is from your school indicating that you are in good standing. The letter must contain the term of study as well as course codes that you wish to take at Laurier. This indicates to us that you have met the prerequisites for these courses and that they will be counted towards your degree. Typically this letter would come from the Registrar's Office (or equivalent). Your letter can be emailed to

The Intent to Register Application Form provides information for Laurier to begin the registration process. Please ensure that when you are requesting your courses that they are not full or have a current waitlist as we do not hold spots for non- Laurier students on the waitlist. 

At times we may request a copy of your unofficial transcript from your home institution to ensure you have met the pre-requisites to be successful in the course you are requesting at Laurier. 

Once you are successfully registered, we will contact you via email and provide access to LORIS (Laurier’s Online Registration and Information System) to view your registration, fees, and personal information.

As a visiting student, you will be responsible for paying your fees to Laurier. To view your fees:

  1. Log in to LORIS.
  2. Select the Student Services tab.
  3. Select View Student Invoice.

If you are considering dropping your course, be aware of our drop deadlines

Upon course completion, please ensure an official transcript is requested and sent to your home institution. If you decide to drop your course, you must request a letter be sent to your home institution as proof that you did not complete the course.

If you have any questions about your fees, drop deadlines, or the full process, contact Service Laurier.

Letters of Permission for Non-Laurier Graduate Students

Graduate students seeking a graduate degree at another institution may enrol at Laurier as a visiting students. If the home university is within Ontario, you must complete an Ontario visiting graduate student application form (available from your home institution’s graduate studies office).

It is important to note that when adding courses, you must follow Laurier’s course registration dates. You will pay tuition fees at your home university and your final grade will be submitted to the graduate studies office at your home university.

If you withdraw from the course, it is important that you complete the necessary withdrawal paperwork (available from your home institution’s graduate studies office), as failure to formally withdraw will result in a failing grade being assessed.

As a visiting graduate student, you will have a Laurier ID number. You can present your Laurier ID number and photo ID at the OneCard Office to receive a Laurier OneCard which will permit access to a variety of Laurier resources.