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Auditing Courses

Auditing Courses as a Current Laurier Student or Laurier Alumni

Current Laurier students, as well as those who have attended Laurier in the past, don’t have to reapply to Laurier to audit courses. You will still need to get instructor permission to audit courses and you will still need to let us know that you’re attending classes as an audit student.

Note: If you are not a Laurier student or alumni and would like to audit a course, review the process for applying as a part-time audit student.

  1. Depending on how long ago you attended Laurier, you will likely need to complete either a Program Selection Form or Request for Re-Registration Form to become active in our system again.
  2. Start by planning which courses you would like to take as an audit student. You will need to get permission from the course instructor to audit courses, so we recommend creating a short list of courses. Use Laurier’s Browse Classes feature in LORIS to view course availability by term. With this tool, you’ll also be able to see course descriptions, exclusions, restrictions and pre-requisites that you need to be aware of prior to registering, as well as information on class space, location and waitlists. You will also be able to find the name and email address of the instructor, which you will use to request permission to audit the course.
  3. For each course you would like to audit, you will need to request permission from the instructor. Please use your MyLaurier account to contact the instructor. If they grant permission to audit the course, forward the confirmation email to Service Laurier at with your student ID number, and we will add the course to your record as an audit course. Please be aware that permission to audit the course is at the discretion of the instructor and isn’t guaranteed.
  4. Pay your invoice. The first fee due date for each term typically happens during the first week of the start of the term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch from being registered in a course for credit to being an audit student in that course?

Yes. The deadline to change status is the same as the deadline to withdraw from a course without academic penalty. To switch from taking a course for credit to auditing that course, you will need to revise the status of that course from credit to audit. Email as soon as possible if you wish to switch.

How much is the tuition to audit a course?

Tuition fees for auditing a course are one-half of the regular course tuition fee. If you are 60 years of age prior to the start of the term in which you can register, you will be eligible for a tuition fee exemption (seminary students are eligible for 50% tuition fee exemption). All audit students, regardless of age, are also responsible to pay all incidental fees charged to your student account by the fee due date.

Do I have to pay the fees for Laurier’s health and dental plans as an audit student?

Health and dental plan fees are compulsory unless you already have health and dental coverage (or unless you are over the age of 70). Every year in the fall, you may opt out of health and dental plans with proof of alternative coverage through the Students' Union website (for undergraduate students) or the GSA website (for graduate students).

Am I able to opt out of any student fees?

Non-tuition fees are compulsory fees that cover the cost of student supports and services. The provincial government’s Student Choice Initiative allowed students to opt out of fees the government deemed non-essential. This initiative was struck down by the courts in November 2019 in a ruling that is currently being appealed by the Government of Ontario.

While we continue to monitor the appeal process, all non-tuition incidental fees will appear on invoices for the fall and winter terms. However, students can opt out of some non-tuition incidental fees.