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MyLearningSpace: Laurier’s learning management system

MyLearningSpace (MyLS) is Laurier's learning management system for courses, whether they’re classroom-based or offered completely online. MyLS allows you to access course content and resources from your instructors, take online quizzes and submit electronic assignments.

Recent updates to the platform have improved the user experience, providing easier access to your courses on all of your devices. MyLS is compatible with all types of devices including smartphones and tablets, making it easy for you to access your courses from anywhere.

When will I see my courses?

Your courses will become available on MyLearningSpace on the first day of the fall semester: Thursday, Sept. 6.

Your course listings can be found under the grid icon. Click on the pushpins to prioritize your current courses. Scroll down to “My Courses” on the homepage and you’ll see your pinned courses in the widget. They’ll appear with course images displayed, saving you navigation time.

Not all courses use the MyLearningSpace platform – but if you are taking an online course or your instructor has identified that your classroom course utilizes MyLS, and you cannot find your course, please email myls@wlu.ca to report the issue.

How do I use MyLS?

Log in to the MyLearningSpace system using your Laurier network credentials.

Here are some quick tips for navigating MyLS once you’re logged in:

  • Click on the Laurier logo on the top left of the screen will bring you back to this homepage from anywhere in the system.
  • Click on the message icon (envelope) to send or receive a message through MyLS
  • The subscription icon (message bubble) will display a notification anytime there is an update to a discussion board that you are subscribed to.
  • The notification icon (bell) will keep you up-to-date on projects and deadlines by displaying news items, grades and other updates from each of your classes.
  • Click on your name to display a number of options including a link to your profile (where you can change your picture), an option to configure settings for notifications and general account settings, and a link to log out of MyLS.
  • A calendar of upcoming events and a news section are located on the homepage. Important announcements and updates will be posted here.

What course information can I access?

The course navigation bar holds links to the important tools in your course. Depending on how your instructor uses the tools, you can access things like course content, discussion boards, quizzes, grades and more.

Your instructor may include your course outline, slides, links to library readings or other course information in the Content section. You can click on course name to take you back to the course’s homepage.

What if I need help?

Student support for MyLearningSpace can be found on your MyLS landing page under the “Need Help” link. This section includes an orientation video and a helpful module that provides instruction on individual tools in the system. Requests for support may also be sent to directly to Laurier’s MyLearningSpace team at MyLS@wlu.ca.