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Wilfrid Laurier University has taken significant steps to ensure the safety of all students, staff and faculty as we work to do our part in the national and global effort to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  In response to the current provincially declared state of emergency, Laurier has temporarily shifted its operations to a virtual environment that will contribute to the continuity of operations, while limiting social contact and group gatherings.  As a result, some of our standard operating procedures related to Transcripts has been adjusted.

What information will be included on my trancript?

Your transcript provides your complete academic record while at Laurier. This will include any completed, official undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as any current registrations. All transcripts will have all grades included that are official. Partial transcripts cannot be issued. Transcripts can be used as proof of registration or as a requirement for an application.

How much does it cost to obtain a transcript?

Alumni, current and past students can order transcripts online at Your order can be tracked online through your LORIS account, under the "Student Services" tab.  The cost per transcript is $15.00 which includes standard mail and/or e-mail to an institution/organization (see below).  

How can a transcript be sent?

The processing time is currently 1-2 weeks and as such, we are unable to produce rush requests.  Transcripts will only be sent:

  • Option 1 - Canada Post standard mail (no tracking number provided).  
    • Standard mail is included in the standard transcript request fee.
    • Please note that Canada Post is experiencing a reduction in services, and their mailing times are also delayed.  
  • Option 2 - Courier service (tracking number provided). 
    • Please refer to the additional fees for Courier service.
  • Option 3 - Email
    • Laurier recognizes that some institutions/organizations may only be accepting electronic/email copies due to COVID-19 restraints. If this is the case, please provide their email in the "Institution/Organization’ field under the "Service Laurier Standard Mail Information" section. through the "Standard Mail" option.  
    • If you would like both a hard copy and email to be sent out, please provide their email in the "Additional Comments or Instructions" section of the form. (this is applicable with the "standard mail" or the "courier" option)  
    • Laurier will not email letters/transcripts directly to a student or alumni.


How can I obtain an 'Unofficial Transcript'?

Unofficial transcripts can be found on LORIS/Navigator
1. Unofficial Record of Course Work from LORIS (student services > student records > unofficial record of course work). This can be printed or saved as a PDF document.
2. Unofficial Record of Course Work from Navigator (log into Navigator > my documents > select the “View” button beside transcript > download PDF).

If you have issues with your Network Login Username and Password, please contact the Student Service Desk (519.884.0710 x2222) or Service Laurier (519.884.0710 x2800) for assistance.

I don't remember my Student ID - how can I obtain this information?

We cannot release ID numbers over email.  If you are unsure of your ID number, please contact Service Laurier via live chat or telephone and we can assist you with retrieving your ID number.  If you were a student prior to 1970 please advise Service Laurier when you call and we can assist you with placing your order manually.   

I have a hold on my student account - can I still obtain a transcript?

If you have a hold on your student account, you will not be able to request a transcript until your hold is removed.

My grades aren't official, but I need them on my record - what can I do?

Releasing official grades early is not a common practice as it is not equitable to complete for one student and not another.  That being said, there are certain circumstances where an exception is made (i.e. Deadlines for graduate school, Visa purposes, etc.).  If you believe you may be eligible, please complete the 'Early Release Grade Form'.  

Once approved, you will be required to provide proof of payment of the $20 fee.  Fee payment instructions will be included in your approval email.

Transcript Legend

Course Number

A first digit of 1, 2, 3 or 4 normally corresponds to the year level in an undergraduate program. Honours level courses are usually identified by a first digit of 4 or a second digit above 4. All other undergraduate courses are at the General level.

A first digit of 5 or above represents a course at the graduate level.


The weighting factor is used to count course credits and calculate averages. A weight of 1.00 approximates a 26-week (two term) course of three lecture hours per week. Other weights are accordingly proportioned by duration and/or lecture hours.

The final standing in a course, with grade points assigned to letter grades as follows:


Transcript Legend 

Letter Grade


Master's and
Doctoral Students








































For specific applications concerning the grading system, refer to the current academic calendars

Transcript Notations

The following designate a non-graded standing in a course.

Symbol definition:

  • AUD = Audit
  • CPL = Complete
  • CR = Credit
  • DEF = Deferred Examination approved
  • IP = In Progress
  • P = Passed
  • S = Satisfactory
  • U = Unsatisfactory
  • WD = Voluntary Withdrawal without failure after two thirds of course completed

Not Accountable: Granted only through a faculty petitions committee decision due to extenuating circumstances. Appears on an official transcript adjacent to grades that are not used in the GPA calculation.