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Verification Of Enrolment

Wilfrid Laurier University has taken significant steps to ensure the safety of all students, staff and faculty as we work to do our part in the national and global effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.  In response  Laurier has temporarily shifted its operations to a virtual environment that will contribute to the continuity of operations, while limiting social contact and group gatherings.  As a result, some of our standard operating procedures related to Letters, Forms and Transcripts have been adjusted.  

Verification of Enrolment (VOE) - LORIS

We strongly encourage you to use the free Verification of Enrolment (VOE).  This VOE document can be obtained through LORIS and indicates enrolment status and registration details for a given academic term. Students are able to print off a VOE for any term they have attended at Laurier.

The VOE letter is generated on Laurier letterhead, uses data directly from the student record, and is considered official by:

  • RESP Providers (Paying Tuition, etc.)
  • Ministry - CPP Forms, etc.
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC; formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
  • local transport authorities (GRT, GO, Toronto Transit)
  • employers
  • banks or other financial institutions
  • etc.

The information contained within the VOE includes:

  • personal identifiers including name, student number, and birthdate
  • the date and time the document was generated
  • registration status
  • degree and program of study
  • current year, and duration of the program (if applicable)
  • full-time or part-time
  • campus
  • term dates
  • course registration summary (for the term)

Note: The document is generated in high resolution suitable for printing, and all text and images should be clear and sharp.

Note: If you have a hold (financial, academic, etc.) you will not be able to access any form of verification of enrolment or documentation from Enrolment Services.  Once the hold is removed you can proceed with access and request.  

To print off your VOE, log in to LORIS, select the "Student Services" tab, then select "Verification of Enrolment (VOE)."


Letter Request and Outside Agency Request


Despite our remote working environment, we are still able to produce documents.


Service Laurier is able to provide undergraduate students the following letters (graduate students should contact the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies):

  • Verification of enrolment for current or past terms;
  • Confirm degree requirements are completed and degree has been confirmed (proof of graduation);
  • Confirm degree requirements are met, but the degree has not been conferred at convocation;
  • Anticipate meeting all degree requirements following a given term; and
  • Custom letters pertaining to a student record.
  • All letters are produced using the student’s current academic record. Letters are reflective of registration and academic status at the time of the request.

All letter requests are $16.25 for up to five copies of the same letter and includes standard mail.


Third Party - Outside Agency Request

You may receive a form from a third-party that must be completed by the university verifying your enrolment. We encourage you to see if the free verification of enrolment form on LORIS would work. It often does and is the quickest way of getting the needed information out to a third party. Alternatively, you can submit your form with a completed Outside Agency Form. The outside agency form gives details on where the form needs to go once completed, as well as what information we are providing. More importantly, it gives Laurier consent to release your student record information by completing the form.

Each form is processed for $10 and includes standard mail.


Requesting and Processing

Processing Time: 7-10 Business Days - No rush services available.

Delivery: Documents can be sent via:

  • Pick-Up is not an option due to our remote working environment.
  • Canada Post standard mail: No tracking number provided.  Please note that Canada Post is experiencing a reduction in services, and their mailing times are also delayed.  
  • Courier: Tracking number provided.  Please note additional charges apply.
  • Emailing Documents: Laurier recognizes that some institutions/organizations may only be accepting electronic/email copies due to COVID-19 restraints.  If this is the case, please provide their email in the "Institution/Organization’ field under the "Service Laurier Standard Mail Information" section. through the "Standard Mail" option.  If you would like both a hard copy and email to be sent out, please provide their email in the "Additional Comments or Instructions" section of the request form. (this is applicable with the "standard mail" or the "courier" option). Laurier will not email letters/transcripts directly to a student or alumni.

Submitting a Request:

To request a Letter or Outside Agency Form completion, please submit the appropriate form to Please do NOT include credit card information in your request. Currently the only form of payment accepted is electronic banking. Just log onto your financial institutions online banking site and set up Wilfrid Laurier University as a payee. The account number is your student ID number.

Note: Letters produced are only as accurate as the information we have available. If a student has not registered for their courses, we are unable to provide a letter stating they are a full-time student. Verification of enrolment is a snapshot of the student's enrolment at the time of the letter's creation.

Note: These documents are only available for current or past term registration.


Degree Verification

Laurier has joined with AuraData, a Canadian company specializing in secure online degree verification. AuraData provides online risk prevention of resume fraud and misrepresentation of post-secondary education credentials. Subscribers to AuraData are able to confirm the post-secondary education claims of prospective employees online, 24 hours a day/7 days per week. A signed authorization from the graduate is required by AuraData before any information is released. 

If you require further assistance confirming student credentials please e-mail Service Laurier directly.