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Language Course Prerequisites

If you attempt to register in a language course that requires a high school prerequisite, you will receive an error message on LORIS and you will need to complete an override form from the Department of Languages and Literatures to register in their first French course at Laurier.

Please contact the Languages department at to verify that you have the required prerequisite so you can register in the course.

French Course Registration

The following guideline is for you to understand your proper placement in the various levels of French courses we offer. You are expected to register in the proper course based on your highest level of French language completed in high school.

French Course Placement Chart

Highest Grade Level Completed

Course You Should Register In

Grade 10 French or Lower


Grade 11 French


Grade 12 core or extended French


Grade 12 core or extended French with level 4 AP


Grade 12 French immersion


Graduated from a French high school

FR360 (consult with

Spanish, German and Arabic Course Registration

If you are interested in taking courses in Spanish, German or Arabic, please contact the Department of Languages and Literatures at