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Academic Advising

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between a student and an academic advisor. Academic advising is available to all Faculty of Science students.

Regular contact with an academic advisor, individuals who can assist you with developing and achieving meaningful educational and career goals, is recommended.

Connecting with Advising

We strongly encourage students enrolling in Year 1 of the Health Sciences program to take advantage of individual counselling and information sessions held each year during the Laurier 101 program.

All academic advising and registration inquiries must be submitted using two separate forms which can be found under “Frequently Used Forms” on the Science Academic Advising page.

These forms will direct you to resources to help with your query and will put you in touch with the appropriate person or office at Laurier to assist you.

Program Checklists

You are strongly encouraged to use the Honours BSc Health Sciences Program Checklist to: 

  • Track your progress through each year of your program. 
  • Ensure that you are meeting all of the program requirements for graduation.

Make sure you complete the document fully and bring it with you to your advising appointment.

All the information on the program checklists is available in accessible format under Progression Requirements.

Faculty of Science Advising

Information about academic advising available is available through Faculty of Science Academic Advising.

For general inquiries pertaining to the Faculty of Science, email

Frequently Asked Questions